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Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom. His name is a compound of the Sanskrit words Man-ju (meaning charming, beautiful, pleasing) and Shri (or Sri , meaning glory, brilliance). The combination of both these words convey the kind of intelligence and wisdom Manjushri represents. 

Wisdom is the most honored virtue in Buddhism. It is called the Mother of all Buddhas. Wisdom is the only path to make possible the great bliss of total freedom from suffering of all living beings.

In his fundamental form he sits on a lotus holding a double-edged flaming sword (to cut through illusion) in his right hand and a blooming lotus that supports the manuscript of the Prajnaparamita Sutra (to revealing the transcendent wisdom of Buddha's teaching) in the left hand.

Manjushri Communications is designed for those on the Path of Enlightenment. The objectives of our mission are to share the experiences and ideas of others on the Path and to provide the latest information of the Buddhist activities as well as the directions to Dharma centers worldwide. The community members can also share their personal interests and works with the viewers via our services.
Dharma Centers

The Dharma Centers is intended to provide references to real physical centers, monasteries, temples, Buddhism study groups, and Buddhist related foundations.



Virtual library

The Virtual library under the Schools and Teachings offers a "life" information site for you to access and grow your collections. All the collections are grouped based on the geographical regions and different practice techniques.

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